Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler
Complete Act 1.
Act 2: Ton o' Honey Act 2: Ton o' Honey
Complete Act 2.
Act 3: Buzz Cutter Act 3: Buzz Cutter
Complete Act 3.
Act 4: Queenly Bearing Act 4: Queenly Bearing
Complete Act 4.
Bee Pleaser Bee Pleaser
Offer the bees inside of the Pollenator every type of flower.
You need to feed them the flowers from the table at the start of Act 2, the yellow flowers that fall off the ledge at the Newsagents, some purple flowers from the ledge (you can get more if you've used them next door) and the large daisies at the end of the Act.
Crack Shot Crack Shot
Get through the "shooting gallery" without missing a target.
Quite challenging, you need to prepare the area beforehand so make sure you give the gnome the Tennis Racket and flip the pond. If you miss just reset the game without saving.
Get Cracking Get Cracking
Hear Wallace say this phrase in four of its instances.
  1. In Act 1: Give Wallace some eggs.
  2. In Act 2: Turn the bash/tap dial in kitchen a few times.
  3. In Act 3: Clear only the town centre and then talk to Wallace in the kitchen.
  4. In Act 4: Finish the game.
Memory Lane Memory Lane
Find an object from Wallace and Gromit's first movie.
There's a part of the moon rocket in the basement behind some stuff at the far end.
Mmm... Cheese Mmm... Cheese
Eat this episode's "mystery cheese".
Just get the free sample.
No Go Gorgonzola Make it through Act 3 without touching the Gorgonzola.

In Act 3 don't bother going to the Police Station, instead use just the Wensleydale cheese. First you need to get the Sniffer 3000 over to the entrance by holding the Wensleydale and using the remote. Then go back upstairs and out the back. Drop the cheese into the hatch and then go back into the basement. The robot will still be at the entrance, jump in and tell it to go to the Wensleydale at the top.

If you fail to switch the records you'll have to reload the game if you want the achievement, otherwise you can just go and get the Gorgonzola off Constable Dibbins and carry on with the game.

Snail Whisperer Snail Whisperer
Give the entire cast a glance at a gastropod.
That's everybody, including the major. Make sure to show Felicty last!
Yee-Oww! Yee-Oww!
Get stung by three different bees.
  1. In Act 1 Prod a plate in the dining room.
  2. In Act 2 Attempt to pick up the top of the hive without playing the music.
  3. In Act 3 Go into the kitchen, Wallace will get stung trying to go downstairs.