Just the Clicks


  1. Talk to Gromit.
  2. Pick up Pepper Shaker.
  3. Use Pepper Shaker on Chessboard.

Act 1

  1. Pull lever.


  1. Go into the hallway.
  2. Pick up post.
  3. Go back into dining room.
  4. Pick up badger.
  5. Go to kitchen.
  6. Switch dial to Tap.
  7. Press red button.
  8. Use Badger with the wire.
  9. Press red button twice.
  10. Give Wallace egg.


  1. Collect honey from tap in dining room.
  2. Give honey to Wallace.


  1. Go into kitchen.
  2. Click on toaster.
  3. Open fridge.
  4. Pick up butter.
  5. Use butter on footprints.
  6. Use toaster again.
  7. Give Wallace toast.

Act 2

  1. Pick up flowers.
  2. Use flowers on pollenator.
  3. Go upstairs.
  4. Go out the front.
  5. Talk to neighbour.
  6. Use seeds on dirt patch next to gate.


  1. Pick up remote control from basement.
  2. Go up to bedroom.
  3. Pick up cheese.
  4. Head to High Street.
  5. Collect free cheese.
  6. Throw one cheese into jail.
  7. Click on Policeman's Helmet.
  8. Put remaining cheese in helmet.
  9. Click on petition on the wall.
  10. Use remote to make robot face police officer.
  11. Make it face the bed.
  12. Make it shake its head with missing cheese.
  13. Put battery in mixer.


  1. Go into kitchen and open cupboard.
  2. Pick up toast.
  3. Talk to Major Crum.
  4. Click on Jar.
  5. Pick up Snail.
  6. Click on ledge above Newsagents.
  7. Pick up flowers.
  8. Talk to Newsagent.
  9. Give two random words.
  10. Give word "Mild" from Mouth Melters.
  11. Give word "Gentleman" from watch advert.
  12. Pick up flowers.
  13. Show snail to neighbour.
  14. Throw toast at squirrel.
  15. Put purple flowers in neighbour's garden.
  16. Put tea bags in mixer.


  1. Look in umbrella stand inside.
  2. Go into basement.
  3. Turn on record player.
  4. Pick up lid off hive.
  5. Give helmet to Major Crum.
  6. Give dog tags to Major Crum.
  7. Talk to Gromit.
  8. Talk to Gromit again.
  9. Put bar in mixer.


  1. Pick flowers.
  2. Put flowers in pollenator.

Act 3

Front Lawn

  1. Go upstairs to the bedroom.
  2. Pick up tennis racket.
  3. Go to the front garden.
  4. Get SOS note from neighbour.
  5. Give gnome tennis racket.
  6. Swivel pond by talking to other gnome.
  7. Go into dining room.
  8. Talk to Major.
  9. Shoot shed door.
  10. Shoot bee into trousers.
  11. Shoot trousers.
  12. Shoot rubbish bin.
  13. Shoot tree.
  14. Shoot bee into bin.
  15. Shoot squirrel.
  16. Shoot bee into pond.
  17. Shoot gnome to flip pond.

High Street

  1. Pick up answering machine in kitchen.
  2. Pick up frying pan in kitchen.
  3. Give answering machine to newsagent.
  4. Use frying pan on support stick on newsagents.
  5. Shake drainpipe at Mr. Paneer's.


  1. Head into town.
  2. Get free cheese.
  3. Scratch on police station door.
  4. Pick up cheese.
  5. Go into bedroom.
  6. Go into dining room.
  7. Pull lever.
  8. Go into bedroom.
  9. Take record.
  10. Go to hallway.
  11. Search clothes.
  12. Pick up remote.
  13. Go out the back.
  14. Drop a cheese into the hole.
  15. Go into basement.
  16. Call robot to you with your cheese.
  17. Climb inside.
  18. Go to cheese you dropped.
  19. Use record from bedroom on record player.
  20. Go into kitchen.

Act 4

  1. Turn on autopilot.
  2. Open glovebox.
  3. Pick up crank.
  4. Open sunroof.
  5. Climb up through sunroof.
  6. Use crank on control box.
  7. Go back down.
  8. Start wipers.
  9. Climb out.
  10. Pick up feather.
  11. Get onto ladder.
  12. Tickle bee.


  1. Use formula on hatch outside window.
  2. Switch radio to funny station.
  3. Shoot into bee's mouth.