Homeless Pups Run Wild Homeless Pups Run Wild
Complete chapter 1.
Where Are the Whippets? Where Are the Whippets?
Complete chapter 2.
The Gait Escape The Gait Escape
Complete chapter 3.
Up Up & Away! Up Up & Away!
Complete chapter 4.
Memory Lane Memory Lane
Find an artifact from "A Close Shave".
A can of Dog Food inside the Muzzler when Gromit is trying to escape.
Clone A Cone Clone A Cone
Plato's theory of cones.
Use an Ice Cream to make an Ice Cream.
Mmm... Cheese! Mmm... Cheese!
Find and eat this episode's "mystery cheese".
The cheese is found in a bin in town when you control Wallace.
Home Wrecker Home Wrecker
Expose Duncan's plagiarism!
As Wallace use the Fortune Teller several times and it will give you the line that Duncan used for his poem. Give this to Mr. Paneer on the stage to read.
Cheer Up Mr. Paneer Cheer Up Mr. Paneer
Try to cheer up Paneer.
As Gromit, give a balloon to Mr. Paneer after winning the gumball counting competition.
Ave a Biscuit Miss Flitt Ave a Biscuit Miss Flitt
A biscuit Miss Flitt! To take the edge off!
Give a biscuit to Miss Flitt before saving her garden. You'll need to offer several times.
Taste Tester Dibbins Taste Tester Dibbins
P'raps the Constable would fancy an ice cream or six?
Give Constable Dibbins all the possible Ice Cream flavours:
  1. Fish.
  2. Gumball.
  3. Bird seed.
  4. Ice cream - use any ice cream as the base flavour.
  5. Pie - use any pie.
  6. Fried ice cream - use any fried pie.
Note that while you can fry any Ice Cream it counts as the same flavour.
Wallaceism Wallaceism
Hear Wallace say "Heaven's above!" in four situations!
  1. Return the lever to the Infiniflavour.
  2. When Wallace discovers where Gromit is.
  3. Look in the bin for the cheese.
  4. Apparently you click on Wallace before grabbing the air tank.