Q: How do I learn the Ganges Grip?
A: You need to give Constable Dibbins a sticky driver so that his grip stays. To do this you'll need to get Mrs. Gabberley to start talking again (give her some milk) and then dip the driver into the Sticky Nut Butter.
Q: How do I find the ball in the sewer?
A: Get Paneer to commentate on Wallace by showing him the sign from the scoreboard, then turn on the radio in the Dining Room.
Q: That squirrel keeps stealing the ball!
A: Give it a mushroom.
Q: How do I move in the sand trap?
A: You move Wallace by click on him.
Q: How do I get through the Chomping Gate without the Club?
A: You don't. You need to use something to pull the bell by itself. Pick up the Ball Washer and put it by the bell and then you can use the Measuring Club elsewhere.