Q: That dog keeps on stealing the crank! How do I stop it?
A: You need to change the colour of the crank. Dip it in paint.
Q: How many gumballs are there?
A: It varies. You'll have to go into town, look in the bin and subtract the number of gumballs left in the packet from the 300 there originally was. Or you can guess in the general region of 290-295.
Q: What do I do with the Fortune Teller for Duncan?
A: The fortune you need to give is: "Your hair could be mistaken for pirate's gold."
Q: How do I beat this chicken at noughts and crosses?
A: You need to trick it into pecking in the wrong places. To do this get some bird seed from town and stick it on a square.
Q: How do I make Major Crum lighter?
A: There are some free balloons in town, give him one of those.