And we're off again, you'll be in control of Gromit for this part. Collect Gromit's old toy bunny rabbit that's on the floor in the corner of the cellar by the stairs. Give it to the dog that's currently chewing on the wheel of the Infiniflavour Van and Twitch should go and sit next to the other dog.

If you inspect the van the grey dog, Filcher, will play dead and drop the golden crank. You can pick it up but if you try to put it back onto the van Filcher will steal it again, he has a like to gold things. To disguise it you're going to need to change its colour, and there just so happens to be a pot of blue paint on the table to the left. Use the crank on the bucket of paint and then on the van.

Still one more piece of the van to find. Go upstairs and head out the front. There's nothing you can do to help Miss Flitt just yet so go through the gate and chat with Major Crum who is sitting on the bench next to the Bus Stop. He'll tell you about a Pie Eating Contest that he's planning on entering.

Go into town and collect the sign up sheet from the fountain in the middle, take it to Mrs. Gabberley in the Newsagents and show it to her. She should sign up. Once she has done that take it back to Major Crum and show it to him. He'll run off leaving his packet of biscuits for you to take.

Talk to Miss Flitt and then use the packet of biscuits on the patch of dirt to the right. The third dog, Digger, should dig his way up through the ground and drop the lever for Gromit to grab. Go back down to the cellar and use the lever on the van to finish it.

Chapter 1 - The Fair

There are several things you can do here, first we'll go help Mr. Paneer over to the right. He's stumped trying to guess the number of gumballs inside the jar. To find out the answer you have to go back into town and look in a rubbish bin, there's a pack of 300 with several still inside - so simply subtract that number from 300 and you have your answer.

While you're in town you'll want to pick up the bird seed that Mr. Gabberley throws onto the pavement. Go back to Wallace's house and into the kitchen, make a Potato Pie. You do this by clicking on the box of recipes and then on the furthest back sheet. Off to the Fair again.

Switch the numbers and then pull the lever to win the prize, another quarter of the piece of paper Gromit picked up earlier. Take the Potato Pie to the Will it Fry? stand and fry it.

Go behind the machine in Muzzmerelda's Fortune Cookies and give the following fortune to Duncan: "YOUR HAIR", "COULD BE MISTAKEN FOR", "PIRATES GOLD". Duncan will drop his quarter of the piece of paper and go recite his completed poem to Miss Flitt.

The next thing to do is to defeat the chicken. As the game of noughts and crosses is impossible to win against a computer (erm... I mean chicken) you're going to need to cheat. Use the bird seed so that the chicken plays a useless move next time it pecks, you may need to use some bird seed for the next turn as well. Once you've beaten the chicken you get the Goldfish.

Take that Goldfish to the Infiniflavour Ice Cream Van and get some fish flavoured Ice Cream. Finally give the pie and the ice cream to Mr. Muzzle and you'll be allowed on stage. Grab the piece of paper to finish the puzzle.

Chapter 2 - Imprisoned

Time to escape. Use your Starter Pistol on Filcher to get him play dead again. Next you'll need to lure Mr. Muzzle back in so use the mug, he'll come in and then leave again when Filcher jumps back to life. Luckily the key was gold coloured so Filcher has borrowed it. Again get him to play dead to take the key and use it on the door to escape the cage.

Climb up the ladder to the platform above, walk out onto a plank above the security chicken and give it some bird seed. Climb back down and head over towards Twitch in the cage. Pick up a bucket of grease, pick up the spanner from the box, and take a Fortune Cookie from the bag under the chicken.

Use the spanner on the dirt patch and Digger will dig a hole, luckily Filcher will take up the role of turning the wheel. Throw a Fortune Cookie into Twitch's cage to lure Digger into it and to free Twitch. To get the spanner back you'll need to take another Fortune Cookie and use it on the hole. Go back up the ladder and then up again to the very top of the area.

Use the spanner on the little vent and then use your bucket of grease on Twitch to get word out to Wallace.

Chapter 3 - Lost Dog

Wander over to the Fortune Teller and get it to give you three notes. Then go and watch the ongoing Pie Eating Contest. Pick up a pile of dishes to the left beneath the table next to Mrs. Gabberley, show these to the Major to convince him to give it up.

Go up onto the stage and give Mr. Paneer the three fortune teller notes. Nearly everyone will leave, including Constable Dibbins who is currently hogging the ride. To expose Mr. Muzzle's plan you're going to need to get Major Crum onto the ride, to do this head back into town and take a free balloon. Give that balloon to Major Crum and he'll be allowed on.

Chapter 4 - High Jinks

Climb up through the sunroof and drop a Gumball into the mixture to gum up the works. Go back into the cab and click on the dashboard, get it to Churn and then click on the lever, firing a single shot at Mr. Muzzle's vehicle, slowing it down. It's not slow enough though so go back up through the sunroof and take the crank. Go back in and then use the crank on those heavy lead tyres.

Use the bird seed on Mr. Muzzle to get the chickens to attack him. Then use the Serve button to grab Twitch and the box of money.

Collect the arm as it floats around behind you, use it to get the bag of money further behind you. Use the bag on the fan. Recover the air tank and then use it on the inflatable moustache to finish the game.