Just the Clicks


  1. Pick up bunny rabbit in cellar.
  2. Give rabbit to Twitch.


  1. Inspect van.
  2. Pick up crank.
  3. Use crank with bucket of paint.
  4. Use crank with van.


  1. Go outside.
  2. Head into town.
  3. Pick up sign-up sheet from fountain.
  4. Give sheet to Mrs. Gabberley.
  5. Give sheet to Major Crum.
  6. Drop biscuit on dirt patch to right.
  7. Use lever on van.

Mr. Paneer

  1. Go back to town.
  2. Look in bin.
  3. Count gumballs.
  4. Go back to fair.
  5. Click on guessing machine.
  6. Turn numbers to match.
  7. Pull lever.


  1. Go behind Fortune Teller.
  2. Switch top to "YOUR HAIR"
  3. Switch middle to "COULD BE MISTAKEN FOR".
  4. Switch bottom to "PIRATES GOLD".
  5. Press button.

Pie Baking Contest

  1. Go back to town.
  2. Pick up bird seed.
  3. Go back home.
  4. Bake potato pie.
  5. Go back to fair.
  6. Fry pie.
  7. Use bird seed to beat chicken.
  8. Use fish on van.
  9. Give Muzzle pie.
  10. Give Muzzle ice cream.


  1. Shoot pistol.
  2. Use mug.
  3. Shoot pistol.
  4. Pick up key.
  5. Use key on door.

Security Chicken

  1. Go up ladder.
  2. Drop seed by chicken.


  1. Pick up spanner.
  2. Drop spanner on dirt patch.


  1. Pick up fortune cookie.
  2. Use cookie on Twitch.
  3. Pick up fortune cookie.
  4. Drop cookie on dirt patch.
  5. Pick up spanner.
  6. Pick up bucket of grease.
  7. Climb ladders.
  8. Use spanner on vent.
  9. Use grease on Twitch.


  1. Use fortune teller.
  2. Give "duty" fortune to Paneer.


  1. Pick up pile of dishes.
  2. Give dishes to Crum.
  3. Go into town.
  4. Pick up balloon.
  5. Go back to fair.
  6. Give balloon to Crum.


  1. Climb through sunroof.
  2. Use gumball on hatch.
  3. Climb down.
  4. Press Churn button.
  5. Pull lever.
  6. Climb through sunroof.
  7. Pick up crank.
  8. Climb down.
  9. Use crank on wheel.


  1. Throw bird seed at Muzzle.
  2. Press Serve button.


  1. Pick up arm.
  2. Use arm on bag.
  3. Use bag on fan.
  4. Pick up tank.
  5. Use tank on moustache.