Lurching Toward the Altar Lurching Toward the Altar
Complete chapter 1.
The Missing Links The Missing Links
Complete chapter 2.
Tournament of Chumps Tournament of Chumps
Complete chapter 3.
Country Clubbed Country Clubbed
Complete chapter 4.
Memory Lane Memory Lane
Find an artifact from "A Matter of Loaf and Death".
Look in the bread bin in the dining room.
One Gnome Too Many One Gnome Too Many
Dispose of a mythical character.
Use the Ganges Grip on a garden gnome.
Mmm... Cheese! Mmm... Cheese!
Track down a piece of Stinking Bishop for Wallace.
After getting rid of the mushrooms, use the Golf Clubs quite a few times instead of the Ganges Grip.
Common Tater Common Tater
Hear Paneer commentate at each stage of Wallace's golf game.
Ask Mr Paneer how Wallace is doing during both holes.
Triple Mulligan Triple Mulligan
Three strokes in a sand trap.
Hit the sand trap picture three times in a row. That's the Blue Club on the back line.
Bleeding Heart Bleeding Heart
Unwittingly aid a villain.
Have Wallace give Monty Muzzle a spanner.
Punchlined Out Punchlined Out
Everybody likes jokes, right?
Ring the Tee-Hee time bell six times in Chapter 2. In Chapter 3 get the joke book and take it to Mr Paneer in Wallace's house. Show it to him three times.
Wallaceism Wallaceism
Can you find 3 instances of this phrase, old chum?
  1. Ask Wallace how Duncan is doing when he's in the sewer.
  2. Go up and down the sewer entrance a few times.
  3. Free everyone from the sand trap.